Venue: National Park Kopaonik / Raska / Serbia;
Race date: July 28, 2019;
Start: 10h / Konaci;
Lenght: 71 km;
Altitude difference: 2700 m;
Time limit: 7 h;
Feed zone: 6 + 1 at the finish line;

Do you want to test your limits?
Big Marathon, the longest track, within the Three sides of Kopaonik race, offers you a chance to do that. A track goes around the side of Kopaonik Mountain towards Jošanička Banja, Brus and Raška area.

What to expect?
A lot of climbs and exceptional descents which will make you feel like you have conquered the world. You will enjoy the fast single tracks as well.

If they want to conquer the most challenging side of Kopaonik, the participants will have to pass “Suvo rudište” checkpoint at 1981m.a.s.l. three times before they move towards the finish line at Konaci.

Registration for the fifth MTB Marathon “Three Sides of Kopaonik” is done online . The registration date will be announced soon!

Track  BIG MARATHON: Konaci (start) – Marine vode – Jaram – Likina česma – Jankove bare – Kadijevac– Vodovod – Hotel Putnik – Malo Jezero – Suvo Rudište – Crna Duboka – Krčmar – Nebeske stolice – Jelovarnik – Vodopad – Mramor – Pajino preslo – Malo jezero – Suvo rudušte – Požarni put – Naselje Treska – Hrast – Bačište – Hotel Putnik – Malo Jezero – Suvo Rudište – Pajino preslo – Mašinac – Dolina sportova –  Konaci (finish).

Download GPS track: BIG MARATHON




BigMarathon ALT

More info soon!

More info soon!



* An adequate prize fund is provided for the winners of all categories.

More information about the awards fund soon.