Whether you ride a MTB over the years for recreation or this is your first ride and adventure, you will enjoy the beautiful and unique views of the National Park Kopaonik, Serbia, which the track of the Small Marathon goes through.

What to expect?
Relatively mild altitude difference which offers comfortable ride and enjoyment, but you will need to give 110% of yourself if you want to win in this category.


 alt=Medium Marathon is just another name for an exciting two wheels adventure. It is a mixture of fast forest tracks, open parts and steep climbs of 42km beautiful Mt. Kopaonik terrain.

What to expect?
Long adrenalin descents along the track, but also tough climbs by the end of the second climb. Beautiful nature and amazing landscapes!


Do you want to test your limits? Big Marathon, the longest track, within the Three Sides of Kopaonik race, offers you a chance to do that. A track  goes around the side of Kopaonik towards Jošanjička Banja, Brus and Raška area.

What to expect?
A lot of climbs and exceptional descents which will make you feel like a conqueror of the world. You will enjoy the fast single tracks as well.


MTB Marathon „Three Sides of Kopaonik“
One day. Three Sides. Unique MTB Marathon!

Venue: National Park Kopaonik / Raska / Serbia;
Race date: July 28, 2019;
Start: 10h / Konaci;

Small  marathon / Race in pairs
Medium marathon
Big marathon

Friday, July 26, 2019
– Expo & side activities

Saturday, July 27, 2019
Vip poligon of skill, Expo & side activities

Sunday, July 28, 2019
– Expo & MTB Marathon “Three Sides of Kopaonik”

Registration for the sixth MTB Marathon “Three Sides of Kopaonik” is done online via site www.prijavazatrku.rs

MTB Marathon “Three Sides of Kopaonik” is a unique cycling race and one of the most exciting marathon of such kind in this region. Covering the region of the National Park Kopaonik, Serbia, the marathon tracks go through evergreen forests and mountain meadows and it consists of forest paths, single track parts, beautiful and fast descents, as well as steep and exciting climbs.

This event does not only gather cycling fans, but it also gathers nature lovers and sports fans, adrenaline addicts and all those who like to go beyond the limits.

Thus, if you like to free your adventure spirit and to excel yourself over and over again, register for “Three Sides of Kopaonik” Marathon. We offer three regular categories depending on the level of physical condition, as well as typical categories, such as race in pairs. On top of this, we promise a lot of excitement, positive energy and socializing.

The most exciting cycling adventure will be held on July 28, 2019. See you on Kopanik Mountain, Serbia!